Conquer trading psychology.
Embrace discipline, focus, and resilience with ProTraders Model.

Embrace the life-altering power of ProTraders Model, cultivating trader prosperity and a harmonious state of mind.

What You Will Learn In This Webinar

Reclaiming Success

Market Analysis

Discover techniques to mentally recover from major losses through disciplined approaches.

Gambling vs Trading

Business Planning

Is gambling wrong?

Is Trading Gambling?

Understanding the dynamics.

Millionaires Formula

Sales & Marketing

How they set their limits. while investing in high risk zones?

How they still win?

Analysis of Markets


1. Fundamental Analysis

2. Technical Analysis

3. Psychological Analysis

Understanding what works?

ProTraders Model

Mentoring & Coaching

Who are ProTraders?

How they evolve?

How to become one?

The Game Plan.

Choosing Trades

Growth Strategies

Learn to understand the power of conscious choices in placing a trade and the psychology behind those choices.

15 Years of Experience

Benefit from the wisdom gained through 15 years of stock market experience with invaluable insights to master trading psychology for consistent profitability.

Thinking in Probabilities

Master the art of thinking in probabilities with our course, gaining an edge in analyzing market trends and making calculated trading decisions.

Money Psychology

Harness the power of Money Psychology as our course guides you towards a mindset that attracts Wealth, Abundance and Peace of Mind

Rewire Your Brain

Discover the remarkable ability of your brain to adapt and rewire for successful trading through our transformative course.

Happy Customers

what do they say about the coaching?

This course revolutionized my options trading. Mastering trading psychology, I now trade with peace, discipline, and certainty, leaving uncertainty and questions behind.

Prasath V

Director, Nikamam Trading & Consulting LLP, Chennai.

The impact of the ProTrader Model course on a trading beginner like me is remarkable. I'm thrilled to put the newfound knowledge into practice and trade with self-assurance.

Iraa Agarwal

Indian model, actress and boxer, Chennai

"Believing technical and fundamental analysis were enough, I struggled until I found the missing piece. Now, I trade with peace of mind, and gaining confidence.

Balaji E

Director, TTPL, Chennai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few pointers before you attend this webinar.

Is this webinar suitable for beginner traders to participate in?

Yes, beginner traders are welcome to join this webinar.

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

The session duration is approximately 2 hours; find specifics in the section labeled "What you will learn in this webinar" on this page

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to attend?

No, there are no prerequisites or requirements. The webinar is open to everyone interested in trading.

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

To prepare for the webinar, you can familiarize yourself with basic trading concepts and come with an open mind to learn.

carry a notepad, a pen and be coachable for the webinar so that you can get the max out of it.

Are there limited spots available for the webinar?

Yes, there may be a limited number of spots available, so it's recommended to register early.

Will the webinar be recorded for later viewing?

No, Recording of the webinar is not allowed, you can clarify your questions in the Q&A session.

Will you be offering any paid programs in the webinar?

Yes. Coach will talk about the membership into the Traders Lifestyle Hub community at the end of the webinar. If you resonate with this concept and wish to continue on the learning journey, you can grab the special offer that will be given only in the webinar.

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